Celebrate Love in Style: The Old Convent as a Dream Wedding Accommodation Destination

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Every couple dreams of a picture-perfect wedding venue that not only provides a beautiful setting for their special day but also ensures a comfortable and memorable experience for them and their guests. The Old Convent, a grand 4-bedroom home originally built in 1893 and once the residence of the Sisters of St Joseph, offers a blend of historical charm, modern luxury, and entertainment, making it the ultimate dream wedding accommodation destination.

History Meets Modernity: Retaining the original charm of this heritage-listed home, The Old Convent has been thoughtfully renovated to include 21st-century amenities while preserving its historical character. With its elegant architecture and timeless design, the venue provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos and an unforgettable atmosphere for the celebrations.

The Bridal Suite: The Old Convent features a beautiful bridal suite that adds an extra touch of luxury and romance to the wedding experience. This spacious, elegantly furnished suite provides the bride and groom with a tranquil haven for relaxation and preparation before their big day. The suite also serves as a romantic retreat for the newlyweds after the festivities have come to an end.

Accommodating Family and Friends: The Old Convent offers ample space for up to 8 guests, making it an ideal choice for hosting intimate weddings and family gatherings. Each of the four bedrooms is tastefully decorated and furnished with comfort and luxury in mind, ensuring that everyone feels at home during their stay.

Entertainment for All Ages: At The Old Convent, there is no shortage of entertainment options for guests of all ages. The venue boasts a hot tub, fire pit, pool table, and games room, providing endless fun and relaxation for everyone. Guests can unwind and connect with each other while enjoying these amenities during their stay, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

A Location to Remember: Nestled in a picturesque setting, The Old Convent’s amazing location provides couples with the perfect romantic ambience for their wedding. Whether exchanging vows surrounded by the beauty of the property’s lush gardens or celebrating the night in the luxury suites, every moment spent at The Old Convent will be a cherished memory.

The Old Convent is the dream wedding accommodation destination for couples seeking a unique blend of historical charm, modern luxury, and entertainment. From the stunning bridal suite to the numerous amenities that cater to guests of all ages, The Old Convent ensures that every wedding celebration is an unforgettable experience. Begin your lifelong journey together in style at The Old Convent, where love, history, and elegance intertwine to create the perfect romantic setting for your special day.

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